TMS for Anxiety Disorders: Will It Make The Condition Better?

Keegan Warrington
October 4, 2021

For some, anxiety might sound like a small thing, but it can drastically change your way of life. Anxiety can be a symptom of other serious mental illnesses. If not treated, anxiety can worsen in the long run.

Anxiety makes you worry about situations yet to happen. It affects your day-to-day activities, and it takes a toll on your well-being. You’llYou’ll feel tired and uninspired. Thankfully, there are treatments for this. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Anxiety Disorders or TMS is one of those.

The question is, what is anxiety, and how can you get the proper treatment? Don’t worry, we’ll be discussing everything here. So, read on to learn more about anxiety, how to cope with it, and where to get treatment.

What Is Anxiety?

If you feel scared or dread a situation that has not happened yet, you might have an anxiety disorder. People suffering from anxiety have physical reactions to situations like sweating, shaking, a rapid heartbeat, and uneasiness. This is something to take seriously, for it can trigger other mental illnesses you have yet to diagnose.

Anxiety comes with symptoms, and listed below are the signs you should watch out for:

  • You have a negative response to a particular situation
  • You cannot control your reaction to the situation
  • Your way of life changes drastically in a negative way

Some might call you lazy, or detached but these are just signs of anxiety. Moreover, there are two types of anxiety disorders. Let’sLet’s talk about it more.

Different Types Of Anxiety

There are three types of anxiety disorder. You might know them but do not realize yet that they are anxiety disorders.

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) – People who suffer from GAD tend to worry about ordinary things like money, health, and more. They worry excessively, and it might seem too much. They suffer from extreme worry for at least six months.
  • Panic Disorder – Panic attacks come with repeated and unnecessary fear you cannot control even when there is no danger. Panic attacks last for several minutes or longer. You might experience heavy breathing, sweating, and shakiness.
  • Phobias – Some of you might think that phobias are a small thing. But it’s actually an anxiety disorder. Most people have phobias. It is an intense fear of something that is no danger at all. It can be spiders, frogs, or even dolls. It might seem such a petty thing, but the feeling that comes with seeing your phobia is serious.

If you are suffering from one or all of the things mentioned above, then it’s time to seek help. Not taking this seriously will affect you and the people who love you and are close to you.

What Causes Anxiety?

Though the cause of anxiety is not yet known, some of the things listed below can be the reasons why you have anxiety now.

    * Anxiety happens when you have experienced something traumatic in the past. This negative situation leaves a negative impact on you, and every time a similar situation happens, you panic.
    * Also, your environment affects your anxiety. You might have a toxic working environment, or you are experiencing problems at home. You don’t have a space where you can relax your mind, and this causes you stress.
    * Stress is another factor to consider. You might have problems, but you ddon’t have an outlet for them. Your problems eat you away, and you detach and panic.

One or all of these can be signs of anxiety, especially if they are unnatural. You could be dealing with anxiety and think it’s just common stress, but you don’t see your actions affecting your life.

Who Can Get Anxiety?

So, who can get anxiety? Well, everyone is a candidate for anxiety disorders, especially if you have gone through something traumatic. But, sometimes genetics and personality traits are factors too. Here is a list of people who are likely to get anxiety.

  • People who are shy or withdrawn can be a candidate for anxiety. This is also for people who have low self-esteem and don’t know how to socialize.
  • People who experience traumatic events can also have anxiety. Whether you experienced it at an early age or in your adulthood, you can suffer from anxiety.
  • People who have family members with anxiety and other mental illnesses can also suffer from anxiety.
  • People who have physical conditions like arrhythmia or thyroid problems can cause anxiety.

How Anxiety Disorders Get Diagnosed

To get diagnosed, assess yourself with the following:

    * If you are going through a lot and experiencing the symptoms above, it’s time to go to your doctor. Your doctor will help you choose the best treatment and will also guide you on your journey.
    * Most importantly, it would help if you had your family and friends for support during this period. It will be a long and hard treatment, but you will get through and be better with perseverance.
    * Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS treatment for anxiety is something you and your doctor could discuss and consider.

If you are experiencing some or all of the above, it is time to reach out to your doctor.

Will TMS Help With Social Anxiety?

Social Anxiety Disorder or SAD is a common anxiety disorder. A lot of you can relate to this because of today’s events. With social media and influencers with unrealistic views of the world, people tend to get anxious just by catching up with trends.

Types of Social Anxiety Disorder

There are two subtypes of Social Anxiety Disorder.

  • Specific Social Anxiety Disorder – this is the avoidance of a particular situation wherein it gives you so much anxiety and stress.
  • Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder – this is the avoidance of different kinds of social events or situations. The thought of attending any kind of event gives you uncontrollable fear.

Both types of SAD are serious. This can affect your relationships at home and work. You might have a hard time keeping friends, and you need people around you who could understand and support you.

How Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Works In The Treatment of Anxiety Disorder

TMS is a good alternative to medication and can also be done even when you are taking medication.

  • It is non-invasive and does not require anesthesia.
  • You can be an out-patient with this treatment.
  • Also, it is a safer way of getting treatment compared to medication.
  • There is no memory impairment
  • It is FDA approved

You can do your research on TMS and ask your doctor’s advice if this treatment will benefit and help you with your anxiety disorder.

Can TMS Make Anxiety Worse?

TMS is a treatment for anxiety. It helps the patient get better, not worse. But some patients may experience their symptoms getting worse before getting better. This is in no way related to TMS treatment for anxiety.

Is TMS FDA Approved For Anxiety?

The question is, does TMS therapy work for anxiety? Yes. From 2008 to 2011, studies confirmed that TMS is safe and has positive effects on patients with anxiety disorders.

But, TMS is not yet FDA approved to use for patients with anxiety. The good news is that the approval is in the works. Results of the studies strongly suggest that TMS is indeed working and is ready once everything is approved.

Treatments For Anxiety

Anxiety is a serious mental health illness that is prevalent in today’s generation. With everything going on in the world and the fast changes that happen, people can get traumatized.

Traditional people don’t see anxiety as a serious illness. That is why younger generations have a hard time opening up to elders to get help. Thankfully, there are a lot of online platforms that people can access and reach out to when they need.

There are medications and treatments for anxiety. One of the most promising treatments is the TMS treatment which is non-invasive and pain-free. There are a lot of positive reviews and promising results with this treatment, and you can get one too.

Get The Help You Need

If you think you have an anxiety disorder, do not hesitate to get help. Just like with any other illness, anxiety should be treated seriously. Although society tells you that anxiety is just a state of mind, you need to reach out to people who understand you. Talk to your doctor and ask for help regarding medication and treatment.

Before you start asking for help, you have to acknowledge the fact that you have an illness. Some people are in denial because of what others might think. But, if you are not willing to help yourself, then no one can help you.

There Are Better Days Ahead

Having anxiety symptoms can be dreadful. You feel lost and uninspired. You think there’s no way out of your situation, and you’ll live like this forever. Don’t lose hope.  You can find several TMS treatments in Long Beach.

Today, plenty of mental health advocates could inspire you to get the treatment you need. Social media influencers talk about their experiences and some of them you can relate to. So, reach out and get inspired again. Get that treatment and live the life you’ve always wanted, without the worries and fears clouding your mind. There are better days ahead.

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